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Aspire Furniture

Aspire Furniture

Creado por aspirefurniture el 24/09/2014
Actualizado el 24/09/2014
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Jeff and Cindy McGee, OwnersAspire Furniture of today is the measure of quality and integrity. Serving the San Diego marketplace since 1998, Aspire’s quality retail furniture business evolved from the foundation of a successful home furnishings manufacturing company with roots dating back to 1980. Owners Jeff and Cindy McGee designed, produced, and distributed their own line of furniture to some of the most prestigious retailers serving the higher end market segments nationwide.

With many of the greatest influences in home furnishing as their customers, the McGee’s developed a keen sense for the wants and needs of the better-end furniture clientele. This knowledge and the assurance of local demand prompted the McGee’s to open a small factory outlet store adjacent to the manufacturing facility. The rest is history. The present 10,000 sq. ft. Aspire Furniture showroom evolved from those early days to include an amazing array of distinctive furnishings and accessories that rival any home furnishings company serving an upscale clientele.

Aspire Furniture is the comfortable, intimate alternative to furniture mega stores with an emphasis on personal service. The most impressive example of customer care is evident in Aspire Furniture’s talented interior design staff.


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