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CTA EL Expansion

CTA EL Expansion

Creado por TweetMap el 24/04/2012
Actualizado el 15/06/2012
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One Chicagoan's vision of how the CTA EL network map should/could look like. 2 new lines, new & consolidated stations, straightening of curves and line extensions.Metra services Grand Ave corridor and eliminates the need for an EL line.Gray & Teal lines are just place mark colors based on what Google Maps offers. This is not ideal or far from perfect, but it's something the CTA should work towards.Yellow line - extended to Old Orchard.Red Line - extended to 130th St, Sheridan curve straightened & consolidated stations.Brown Line - extended to Foster; accessible to Northeastern University & North Park University.Orange Line - extended to Ford City.Blue Line - consolidated stations.Pink Line - consolidated stations, new United Center/Madison stationGreen Line - consolidated stations.Gray Line - 2 way loop using current available tracks and new Ogden connector.Teal Line - Connects western part of the city through shared or reclaimed former train tracks.


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