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Project LeafDrop 2013 Locations

Project LeafDrop 2013 Locations

Creado por JohnnyFive el 12/11/2013
Actualizado el 12/11/2013
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PINK FLAGS - BRONX SitesPURPLE FLAGS - BROOKLYN SitesYELLOW FLAGS - MANHATTAN SitesGREEN FLAGS - QUEENS SitesBLUE FLAGS - STATEN ISLAND SitesATTENTION BRONX FRIENDS:NYC Compost Project in the Bronx: Bring Your Fall Leaves to a Community Compost Site!In addition to the sites that are flagged on the Project LeafDrop map, New York City residents are invited to bring bagged leaves to select NYC Compost Project in the Bronx Community Composting Sites where the leaves will be turned into rich compost. Tools and training will be provided so residents who drop off leaves can mix their materials into the bins at these sites. Bags with branches, other yard waste, or street sweepings will not be accepted. Space is limited and other restrictions may apply. For details and to register, contact the NYC Compost Project in the Bronx at 718.817.8543 or compost@nybg.org. More information at www.nybg.org/compost and at www.nyc.gov/wasteless/compost.


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