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The Rifley Institute of Cosmetic Surgery

The Rifley Institute of Cosmetic Surgery

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With a practice committed to specialized care and compassion, every member of our team adheres to a philosophy of patient service and complete satisfaction. From your initial consultation through treatment, post-surgical monitoring and follow-up care we are your partner in personal cosmetic enhancement and well-being.

Personalized care at The Rifley Institute of Cosmetic Surgery begins with an interactive consultation between physician and patient to discuss recommended procedures, anticipated results and available options. This is an individualized approach that ensures our patients are informed, comfortable and confident with their personal medical decisions and that their desired results are achieved.

Our services are as individual as our patients. Each of our patient is presented with options that range from minimally-invasive procedures to comprehensive cosmetic surgery. Our initial recommendations often involve modest enhancements. Patients are never hurried or pressured into unnecessary surgery.

In consulting with our patients who are making personal healthcare and lifestyle decisions, we believe it is best to be forthright in guiding and assisting. There is full-disclosure of risk factors, realistic recovery time and anticipated results. Complete costs involved with the procedures are also discussed in-advance.

The Rifley Institute of Cosmetic Surgery and our staff is very proud of our results and a majority of our new patients are referrals from our satisfied patients. At the same time, we maintain the highest respect for patient confidentiality and ensure complete privacy and professionalism.
2800 N Tenaya Way # 201
Las Vegas, NV 89128-1100

Business Phone:
(702) 242-4616


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