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Social Junkie Sports Bar and Grill

Social Junkie Sports Bar and Grill

Creado por ocialju32 o 07/12/2013
Actualizado o 07/12/2013
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Social Junkie Sports Bar and Grill

2412 Washington Ave
Houston, TX 77007, United States


Your new favorite sports watching headquarters is now open! Social Junkie Sports Bar & Grill is the ideal spot for watching college game day, Monday Night Football, Sunday Funday Football, boxing, UFC, NFL Sunday Ticket, world cup soccer, baseball and more! With four plush private viewing rooms (20 person capacity), FREE PARKING, rooftop patio, CHEF-DRIVEN MENU, .25 cent wings and LIVE SPORTS BROADCAST every Tuesday with 790AM's own DeAndrea Hopkins, Social Junkie Sports Bar and Grill is the hub for all things fun. Grab your co-workers for happy hour, your college alumni group or Fantasy Football Team for game day support and head to the Washington corridor. Social Junkie is where the beautiful people are! We welcome all college fans including and will show all games from SEC, PAC 10, ACC, Big 10, CUSA, A&M, TCU, UofH, LSU and more. Don't forget to book your private parties here and take advantage of our extensive menu, carefully selected wines, craft beers, gourmet burgers, appetizers and more. Did we mention our beautiful and friendly staff who cannot wait to serve you? Cheers!


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