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9.17.11Occupy the San Francisco Financial District

9.17.11Occupy the San Francisco Financial District

Created by casdom on 14/09/2011
Updated on 15/06/2012
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This September 17th 2011.
We will no longer choose to stand still while one of our country's greatest achievements, The Constitution, is skewed and vandalized by the actions of corporate giants.
We will no longer stay quiet while our society is destroyed by the downward spiral of mass consumer capitalism.
We will stand up for our rights and the rights of everyone who call the United States their home.

And we will Occupy The San Francisco Financial District.

We will not be alone. New York has over 5000 people scheduled to attend in Lower Manhattan on Wall Street. Additionally, cities around the world such as Madrid, Milan, London, and Paris have all reported September 17th occupation plans underway.
Many other organizations are involved right here in San Francisco like Anonymous, US Day Of Rage, and USUncut will be attending in large numbers.

The time has come for us to stop standing by idly while others decide our fate and the fate of our nation. Democratic revolution is taking the globe by storm as people shed their corrupt governments and take command of their future with one collective voice.

On September 17th, We ask that you add your voice to ours in demanding that the control of this nation be given back to its people and not corporations.

Wont you join us?


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