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2012 DUI Demo Tour - Be a DUI Drysuit Test Diver

2012 DUI Demo Tour - Be a DUI Drysuit Test Diver

Created by TweetMap on 01/02/2012
Updated on 15/06/2012
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Come DIVE with us! For 15 years, DUI has traveled around the USA bringing the drysuit diving experience to over 30,000 divers! Working with the DUI dealers in the area, DUI puts up two circus tents and then fills them with equipment designed and manufactured by DUI, the world's leader in drysuits. Each event is a full weekend starting at 9am each day. Come prepared with your regular dive equipment except for your suit. If you have a few extra pounds of weight, toss those in, too, just in case. After you go through registration, we'll fit you with everything you need to be dry, warm and comfortable during and after your dive. You'll go in the water with a dive leader who will show you the basics on how to use a drysuit. And we'll have a barbecue lunch served from 11am-2pm and every diver gets a DUI Dive Team hat.


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