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A2A Safaris

A2A Safaris

Created by a2asafaris on 05/02/2015
Updated on 05/02/2015
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A2A Safaris

401 Park Avenue South, 8/F
New York, NY 10016, United States

Asia to Africa Safarishas more than 10 years of experience providing safari adventures
and vacation ideas to clients around the world. From their office in New York
City, the travel company will help you create a memorable trip that meets all
of your desired needs and interests. When you’re looking to take a trip to an
African safari, there are numerous options available to you, and Asia to Africa
Safaris will work with you to navigate the various options and guide you
towards the best choice.Asia to Africa Safaris was founded by Jose Cortes III and
Victor Dizon in 2002 in Hong Kong, as a way to allow those in a big city to
enjoy the wonders of wilderness travel. African safari tours are typically a
dream vacation for many, but organizing overseas adventure travel can be
difficult. The experts at Asia to Africa Safaris are dedicated to helping you
find exciting and affordable vacation spots.When you book a South Africa safari trip, you’ll witness an unbelievable
blend of excitement, romance, and natural beauty right in front of your eyes. If
you’re interested in taking an exotic vacation to the beautiful safaris of
Africa, visit Asia to Africa Safaris
online or call (212) 858-0270.


Mon-Fri 10am to 6pm


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