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Active Mobility Center

Active Mobility Center

Created by Pompano45 on 07/02/2015
Updated on 07/02/2015
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Active Mobility Center

1404 Southwest 13th Court
Pompano Beach, FL 33069, United States

Timing:Mon To Fri 9:00am To 5:00pm

Active Mobility Center was founded over 20 years ago with a
simple mission: to help add mobility and independence to those in the Pompano
Beach area. By offering high quality mobility equipment at fair prices, they have
built a reputation as the premier retailer for reliable mobility tools. With special attention to detail in the area of product
selection, the staff at Active Mobility Center is committed to helping you and
your loved ones find the right mobility aids. They consistently revisit the
needs of the community and adapt their inventory accordingly. Their wide variety of equipment spans everything from
wheelchairs and motorized scooters to positioning devices, canes, ramps,
vehicle lifts, shower seats, and more. In addition, Active Mobility Center
offers a full line of pediatric equipment scaled to the proper size for any
child. They carry everything from strollers, sitters, standers, wedges,
bicycles, and even beds. At Active Mobility Center a staff of friendly and
knowledgeable sales associates can help you select everything for your mobility
needs - whether you are coping with short-term or long-term loss of mobility.
They believe that having the right tools can improve your overall quality of
life, for however long you may need it.For those who are dealing with short-term or temporary
mobility loss, including individuals recovering from injury or surgery, Active
Mobility Center also offers equipment rental options. This is just one of the
many ways they have listened to the needs of their customers and responded by
providing additional services and products. Active Mobility
Center is a full-service provider of all things mobility related. For more
information on how their products can help you retain independence and live
your life with greater comfort and ease, call them today at (800) 326-4463 or visit theirwebsite for more information.


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