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AJ's Amethyst House

AJ's Amethyst House

Created by AJsAmethystHouse on 24/05/2014
Updated on 24/05/2014
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Do you, or does someone you love, continue to make the same bad choices, hoping this time you’ll have a different, happier and safer outcome? AJ’s Amethyst House is a voluntary residential treatment center dedicated to empowering women to live free from addiction. Our unique therapeutic program is based on the brain chemistry of addiction and the latest advances in addiction medicine. Arlean J. Truax, together with her husband Bernie Truax, II, started AJ’s Amethyst House as their legacy to the recovery community. Known to her friends as AJ, Arlean is a wife, mother, businesswoman and friend who has been in recovery for over 27 years. AJ and Bernie chose a 12-sided circle as our symbol because it represents the 12 steps of recovery. Its color is inspired by the amethyst stone: a gem associated with transformation, sobriety and spirituality. Within the circle of AJ’s Amethyst House we help women heal, awaken their spirits and bring balance to their lives, free from the distraction or intimidation of men. We help them identify the tools they need to return to their families, their employers, their friends and their communities as stronger, healthier and happier sober women.

AJ's Amethyst House
1119 West 7th Street
San Jacinto, CA 92582
Phone: (855) 221-1717
Contact Person: Arlene J. Truax
Contact Email: ajah@ajsamethysthouse.com
Website: http://ajsamethysthouse.com

Main Keywords:
women's recovery, addiction treatment, addiction recovery, substance abuse treatment, relapse prevention


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