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Akihabara Highlights Map / Akihabara Guide

Akihabara Highlights Map / Akihabara Guide

Created by TweetMap on 11/03/2012
Updated on 15/06/2012
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Some key locations to see in Electric Town. See my blog at www.tokyoexcess.blogspot.com. This is the Anime/Manga goods hub of Tokyo and where Maid Cafes started. With limited time, just go see Animate or Gamers and a cafe. Even if you just want to see most of these locations it would take a good chunk of a day to see. Only major locations listed. No little back street stores listed. It is actually a very busy neighborhood even without the anime stuff. On Chuo Dori (the main street with Animate on it) is Go Go Curry, with a big yellow gorilla signboard out front, that is supposed to be good. There are places to eat everywhere. Ramen is almost always good and there are all the usual japanese fast food places even in the train station. Don't forget to check out the localized restaurants like Denny's and Royal Host or check out the rice balls and other candy snacks at the various konbini (convenience stores) such as 7-11, AM PM, Sunkus, Lawsons (shown on the google map).


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