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Amazon Prime Air delivery coverage (UK)

Amazon Prime Air delivery coverage (UK)

Created by JohnnyFive on 02/12/2013
Updated on 02/12/2013
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Amazon say their Prime Air service could deliver small items in 30 minutes from an order being placed.Great, except that you'd need to be pretty close to one of their fulfilment centres for this to be feasible.I've been generous and assumed that the drones would have a top speed of 20mph (current Parrot AR manages about 11mph) and given them an optimistic 5 minutes from payment to get the item loaded and ready for take-off.To deliver an item with 30 minutes, the drone therefore has 25 minutes to complete the delivery, which, at 20 mph, is a little over 8 miles.Of course this doesn't even consider things like waypoints (routes will be longer in many cases to avoid buildings and other hazards), battery life, reduced speed due to winds and about a million other things.Look at the map. If you are within one of the blue circles then great, you may be able to get Prime Air deliveries!If you're in the >97% of the country that's not then too bad.Amazon Prime Air: Nice PR stunt :)


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