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Anipal Kingdom

Anipal Kingdom

Created by TweetMap on 12/07/2012
Updated on 12/07/2012
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About this map: 

Animals on Twitter are invited to be included in this map.To appear on Anipal Kingdom please tweet (DM if possible) @JanisFelidae on Twitter your location (for privacy it can be the largest nearby City) plus State, if appropriate, and Country. Be specific because there are many City/Town names duplicated around the World.Anipal´s Twitter names have been used in the list. If you click on any name in the list the location will open in the map on the right. For more options, like Street View, click on "more" in the pop down window to the right of screen. You can also click on a blue place-mark on the map. A popup window will show you who lives there.Looking up for a special pal, or even yourself, when you mouse is on your browser use the keyboard keystrokes Ctrl + F. A Find or Search Window will appear in which you type.Also, you can leave a comment and rating below.


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