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ANPR Spy Camera Locations in the UK

ANPR Spy Camera Locations in the UK

Created by JohnnyFive on 31/07/2014
Updated on 31/07/2014
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**All locations listed on this map are genuine and verifiable, with many viewable in street-view**If you know of a location not already included and would like to have it listed then you can use the contact page in the website listed below.www.bigbrotheriswatching.co.uk * 774 Locations Exposed **Approximately 2500 cameras* The Police have foolishly refused to make public the locations of all fixed ANPR cameras. They presume that it is acceptable in a free and democratic society to secretly spy on innocent citizens with the premise that it is for our own good.Every persons journeys are monitored and stored for two years.This map has been compiled by ordinary law abiding citizens across the Uk who are opposed to a mass state surveillance system that tracks the movements of all its people with no consent whatsoever.This map is continually updated as and when new locations are discovered.


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