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Archaeology of Lower Egypt

Archaeology of Lower Egypt

Created by Brad on 29/11/2010
Updated on 14/06/2012
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The Egypt Exploration Society is one of the leading organisations for research into the archaeology of Egypt. Founded in 1882 with its headquarters in London, the EES has carried out the excavation, survey and recording of monuments and sites throughout Egypt for well over a century. Results of research have been made available to the public through books, articles and lectures. Follow the link below for more information about the Society and its work in Egypt.

EES website
Delta survey


The Egypt Exploration Society Delta Survey brings together information from multiple sources to record the archaeological sites in the Nile Delta of Egypt, a highly significant region for Ancient Egyptian civilization. The stakeholders in this are the Egypt Exploration Society of London, the British Academy and the Department of Ancient Egypt and Sudan at the British Museum. This Google Earth presentation is linked to the Delta Survey website, hosted by the Egypt Exploration Society, with links to research from the British Museum. A programme of site-recording has been in progress since 1990 with participation of researchers from the Universities of Durham and Oxford, and from the British Museum. The work is linked to archaeological excavations being carried out by the Egypt Exploration Society and by the British Museum in the Delta and results are shared with the Egyptian Archaeological Information System of the Supreme Council for Antiquities in Cairo. photo: mud-brick ruins at Kom Mutubis

By The Egypt Exploration Society


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