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Associates In Counseling & Treatment, P.C

Associates In Counseling & Treatment, P.C

Created by actnebraska on 10/04/2015
Updated on 10/04/2015
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Associates In Counseling & Treatment, P.C

2110 S. 38th Street
Lincoln, NE 68506, United States

Timing: Mon-Thu 8:30am-6pm /Fri 8:30am-4pm

Associates in Counseling & Treatment, PC (ACT) provides a wide range of dedicated counseling services to residents of
the greater Lincoln, Nebraska area. With the mission of providing
individualized, problem-solving approaches to those who need it, the counselors
at this practice offer everything from drug treatment to marriage counseling,
and from anger management classes to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder treatment. Most importantly, they foster
a safe, open and discreet space that allows the patient to work through his or
her mental health issues and be able to form meaningful, lasting
relationships. Representing decades of
combined experience, the counselors at ACT are fully licensed and accredited to
treat people at all stages of their lives. They work with adolescents coping
with substance abuse, counsel couples who are having problems in their marriages,
run a domestic violence intervention program, run group and family sessions, and
work with outpatients of drug or alcohol rehabilitation programs. Because
therapies and treatments only work when the patient feels truly at ease, the
team here is dedicated to ensuring that the highest standards of care and
comfort are met.In addition, ACT works in
partnership with Region 5 Behavioral Health Systems to evaluate for alcohol and
drug use among low income area residents, offers alcohol education/DUI classes
and is a registered provider with the State Probation Administration. Because
there shouldn’t be barriers to accessing qualified mental health counseling,
many of their services are offered on a sliding scale for qualified applicants,
and they accept multiple types of insurance. If you or a loved one are
in need of counseling, take that first step and give the counselors at Associates in Counseling & Treatment,
PCa call at (402) 261-6667.
You can also learn more about the team at this practice and the services they
provide by visiting them online.


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