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Attacks BY Muslims in 2013

Attacks BY Muslims in 2013

Created by JohnnyFive on 03/01/2014
Updated on 03/01/2014
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Red = Racism/religionism confirmed or suggested Blue = Racism/religionism not mentionedYellow = Religious vandalismQuestion Mark = Media censored descriptionsPurple = Muslim-on-Muslim (but also police)Pink = MurderWe have removed Sexual Attacks from the map because there's too many to reasonably keep track of.As of August 2013, we have sort of given up on this map, but add to it sporadically.The media has been talking a lot about how Muslims are feeling scared. TellMama is putting out maps of alleged attacks against Muslims. So here is the OTHER map; attacks BY Muslims in the last few months. If Mosque attacks are Islamophobia, then Church attacks are Christophobia. We have not bothered to include online "attacks", since we're not crybabies and there's too many. Markers are for towns only, not addresses.We are normal people with lives adding attacks when we hear about them in the media. We don't have a team of robots monitoring police scanners across Europe 24/7.


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