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Borscht Belt Hotels in the Catskills

Borscht Belt Hotels in the Catskills

Created by TweetMap on 12/07/2012
Updated on 12/07/2012
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(U will see MORE hotels appear if you hit Next at the bottom) Over many trips to the Borscht Belt region of the Catskills, which between the late 1800’s mid-1900 was the largest, richest & densely populated area of hotels in the world, I was able to locate many. Most no longer existed & were just empty lots, 90% were in total shambles. For many I got pics. I used GPS, records, W of mouth & verified all locations. Unless stated, I’m 100% sure that every location is accurate & the marker is on the location. If not 100% accurate then the hotel is w/in walking distance. I’m missing many, some are impossible to find, w/ fires or little known info. most are just a foundation or pool. It’s a work in progress. If U know of any I am missing pls. email me, as I locate more I will add it, (as w/ the internet pictures don’t continue 2 work, links expire. etc. if U see that pls. let me know. Email-> Andrew976431@GMAIL.COM or Facebook-> http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/group.php?gid=34072608090


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