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Broeg Chiropractic & Nutrition Center

Broeg Chiropractic & Nutrition Center

Created by mykychiro02 on 09/02/2015
Updated on 09/02/2015
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Broeg Chiropractic & Nutrition Center

1029 Burlington Pike
Florence, KY 41042, United States

Opening Hours
Mon 9am-7pm,Tue 7:30am-6pm,Wed 9am-7pm,Thu 7:30am-6pm Fri 9am-6pm

Finding the right doctor can
be tough. Fortunately, Broeg Chiropractic &
Nutrition Center is looking to make that
process easier for you.A family-owned and operated
office in Florence, Kentucky, Broeg Chiropractic & Nutrition Center offers
its patients a variety of services including personalized and thorough
chiropractic care, sports rehabilitation, and nutritional supplements. Some doctors offices may
follow a "one size fits all" approach to medicine, but that is not
the case for Broeg Chiropractic & Nutrition Center. The doctors at Broeg
make it their mission to take the time to "understand the specific causes
of your pain or discomfort. We go to the source of your issues... We're here to
give our patients relief." Furthermore, the staff at Broeg recognizes that
some health issues are outside their control. Although this seldom occurs, they
promise to refer their patients for whom this is the case to someone who can
help them.With regards to chiropractic
care, Dr.'s Eva and Broeg offer comprehensive evaluations, x-rays, therapies, adjustments, and treatment plans to make sure their
patients receive care that covers the spectrum. Broeg Chiropractic &
Nutrition Center is also fortunate to have Jenna B. Colgan, M.A., R.D., on
staff to provide nutritional counseling for patients. She individually counsels
and assesses a variety of patients, from those with specific health needs to
those simply looking to achieve their maximum health potential. To aid in this
process, Broeg offers the highest quality nutritional supplements to its
patients: Metagenics, Dee Cee Labs, and Pure Encapsulations.Board certified in exercise
and rehabilitation, Dr. Broeg also offers among his services comprehensive
sports rehabilitation. He and Dr. Eva, a Board Certified Chiropractic Sports
Practitioner (CCSP) offer programs designed to meet specific individual needs
so athletes can return to competition stronger! faster and healthier.Among its chiropractic care,
nutritional supplements and counseling, and sports rehabilitation, the offices
of Dr. Broeg Chiropractic & Nutritional Center offer sports orthotics,
kinesio-taping and more. To learn more about howDr. Broeg Chiropractic & Nutritional Center can help you,
please visit their website or call (859)-525-2020 today.


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