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Camp-14: Kaechon internment camp, North Korea

Camp-14: Kaechon internment camp, North Korea

Created by JohnnyFive on 08/01/2014
Updated on 08/01/2014
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About this map: 

Camp 14 is the prison camp Shin Dong-Hyuk, the subject of many new books and documentaries, escaped from. He is the only known person to both be born in a North Korean prison camp and escape from one. Blue plots all pertain to Shin's life; blue plots with stars in them contain detailed descriptions, quotes, and images. Using some of the leading sources of information about such camps in North Korea, I have plotted the known (and assumed) locations of key areas of Camp-14. White plots with stars in them contain a detailed description of the identified place. Other plots pertain to another survivor's (Kim Yong) experience in Camp-14, though his was far shorter than Shin's time.All plots are cited with the sources I used.The yellow line is only an estimate of the camp's borders. Some areas have low quality image and I could not identify the fences clearly enough to be sure.


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