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Chemdry’s core product, ‘The Natural’ is a carbonating solution and contains no soaps, detergents, solvents or harsh chemicals. The carbonating bubbles brings the dirt from deep down the carpet to the surface. Our equipment removes the dirt and leave the carpets cleaner and they stay cleaner for longer too.
No need to soak the carpet and then try to extract the water again. With Chemdry’s unique deep cleaning solution, we only need a fraction (we use about one-fifth of the water that steam cleaners use) of water, that leaves the carpet sparkling clean and dry in 1 – 2 hours. Carpets can almost be walked on immediately and because of the drier carpet, it also becomes a healthier environment.
Chemdry proud ourselves in using Clean, Green Natural Products which creates a safe and healthy environment for children and pets. It is safe to use for people suffering from asthma or other allergies.
Chemdry Amazing Brisbane have a total team of Qualified Water Damage Technicians who can quickly respond in the case of urgent water damage restorations. Our vehicles are fully equipped with the necessary testing and drying equipment. We minimize our response time to mitigate further losses and to make the environment safe for the people. We will assess the situation, secure the site, focus on excess water removal, apply anti-bacterial treatment, do mould remediation, install drying equipment, attend to carpet and floor cleaning and water stain removal.
Chemdry Amazing Brisbane are experienced in working closely with insurance companies, body corporates and property managers to ensure water damage restoration is to everyone’s satisfaction.
If not treated professionally, water damage can become a serious problem and therefore we make sure that the environment is a safe one at completion stage.


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