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Chuck's Electric

Chuck's Electric

Created by chuckselec9 on 07/02/2015
Updated on 07/02/2015
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Chuck's Electric

267 Sample Rd.
Oxford, OH 45056, United States

Timing: Mon to Sun 12am-12pm

installation is a straightforward process when it's done by Chuck's Electric.
Homeowners and businesses alike are used to dealing with an impersonal,
expensive power company in general, but when Chuck's skilled group of
electricians show up at your front door, the outcome and the
experience is completely different. Chuck's
Electric is an established utility and power company that has not lost its
personal connection to its customers. One of just a handful which cares about
the customers' actual budget, Chuck's Electric will complete the services
they are called to work on at a reasonable price, without sacrificing quality.
For over 45 years, as general electricians grew more expensive and decreased in
quality, Chuck's electricians and home inspectors grew more diligent, remained
courteous and continued to be affordable. From home and
business electrical inspections to electric service upgrades, this full-service
power company keeps its customers up to code. At any time of day or night, if
you live in Oxford, OH or the tri-state area, qualified electricians from Chuck's Electric are ready to be at
your service. Complex jobs such as whole home rewiring are treated with the
same integrity as smaller-scale projects and Chuck's crews are competent in wiring
commercial buildings as well. To learn more
about Chuck's Electric, contact owner Paul Kalous via email atpkalous@juno.com. Call (513) 616-4235
to get your electrical installation underway today.


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