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Coleridge Way Story Boxes Christopher Jelley

Coleridge Way Story Boxes Christopher Jelley

Created by JohnnyFive on 15/05/2013
Updated on 15/05/2013
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About this map: 

There are to be six story boxes place along the Coleridge Way in Somerset this spring / summer 2013. When you find one, add a paragraph to the story, or do a drawing, then leave for the next family to find and add their bit. At the end of the summer I will exhibit these with other works in Dulverton (Somerset Art Week - C Jelley), Porlock as part of the Festival, and also at Coleridge Cottage.As I gain permissions for their placement I will log, but will not actually place any in situ until late May 2013.Please note that all the story boxes will be placed with full permission and consent, they will be removed at the end of the summer to leave nothing but fresh memories and wild poetry in the air.The red/green feathers are the locations of the QR Poetry, with some along paths, some in Conygar woods, and one piece at the foot of the trail in Nether Sotowey Gaol under the clock. These are due to be installed in June if not before.Green feathers are locations of the Fly Catchers.


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