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Connecting the East with the West. Following the U

Connecting the East with the West. Following the U

Created by Sean on 19/11/2010
Updated on 15/06/2012
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By www.supportblogging.com
In an effort to connect the eastern United States with California, plans were begun in 1853 for a Transcontinental Railroad. The Union Pacific started laying train track in 1863 in Omaha, Nebraska, heading west along the Platte River. The goal was to join with the track being laid by the Central Pacific Railroad east from Sacramento, CA. The Union’s construction proceeded very quickly at first because of the open terrain of the Great Plains. However, they soon encountered obstacles as they entered Indian Territory and the rugged Rocky Mountains. In spite of many problems, the two railroads met at Promontory Summit, Utah on May 10, 1869. There the joining of the tracks was marked in ceremony by the driving of a golden spike. Come help me connect the East with the West by experiencing the adventure of building the Transcontinental Railroad.


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