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Constance Jones - Colon Hydrotherapy

Constance Jones - Colon Hydrotherapy

Created by Conn69 on 16/02/2015
Updated on 16/02/2015
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Constance Jones - Colon Hydrotherapy

192 Hartford Road
Manchester, CT 06040
(860) 287-4558


Mon 8am to 6pm,
Tue-Wed-Thu 10am to 8pm,
Sat 9am to 3pm

While so many struggle with juice cleanses,
fiber supplements, and fad diets to stay regular, colon hydrotherapy is an effective and safe way to achieve a clean colon. As an expert in the
field of colon hydrotherapy, Constance Jones -Colon Hydrotherapy specializes in comfortable and hygienic colonics in the Manchester area. An active practitioner of
this holistic treatment since 1980, Jones has performed over 55,000 colon hydrotherapy sessions to adults of all ages. She recently received the I-ACT Colon Hydrotherapist of the Year 2014 Award, a testament to her level of commitment to this profession.Colon hydrotherapy, commonly referred to as a
colonic or colonic irrigation, is a gentle and effective process that uses
warm, filtered water to rid the lower intestine of fecal material, mucus, and gas. Utilizing an all-natural approach
to this therapy, without drugs or chemicals, Connie offers a closed FDA-registered device along with disposable equipment for your comfort . Performing the procedure in a private and relaxing atmosphere helps clients to feel at ease. While hygienic, this natural colon cleanse never feels sterile or cold. Enjoy a safe, effective, and healthy alternative to
fad diets with this natural solution. Whether you are struggling to maintain a
normal gastrointestinal schedule, are suffering from intestinal turbulence, or simply want to cleanse your body, trust Constance Jones -Colon Hydrotherapy. Call (860) 287-4558 to make an appointment with the most trusted professional in colon hydrotherapy today!Dr. Jonathan Ritz is my supervising naturopath.


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