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Day Without A Bag - San Diego Dec 20, 2012

Day Without A Bag - San Diego Dec 20, 2012

Created by TweetMap on 20/12/2012
Updated on 20/12/2012
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Updates continue - check back often for more, new sites added daily!Welcome to San Diego County's 2012 "Day Without A Bag" listing of reusable shopping bag giveaway locations and/or incentives (*). "Day Without a Bag" is our holiday gift to the environment. Scroll down to check out your community for one of our many bag giveaways and/or promotions on December 20th. Click on the blue dots from the list below, or on the map, for store giveaway details. PLEASE notice the giveaway times - bag giveaways are "while supplies last". Also, take the time to thank the grocers/retailers that have provided the bags and incentives - without their support this day would not have been possible :) NEWLY ADDED: Use your reusable shopping bag everywhere.. ESPECIALLY check out the stores (*) offering the chance for a $25-50 gift card drawing if you remember to shop with your reusable shopping bags - All Albertsons (mail-in receipt), Trader Joe's, Whole Foods. TRIPLE Rewards at all Ralphs.


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