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Decent espresso in San Francisco (esp for Wellin

Decent espresso in San Francisco (esp for Wellin

Created by TweetMap on 14/02/2012
Updated on 15/06/2012
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When we arrived in San Francisco from Wellington, the espresso situation seemed pretty dire. We'd had Blue Bottle recommended to us, but getting across to the Ferry Building was a bit of a mission & the lattes were just waaay to milky. This map represents the product of almost two years of trial and error. The key thing for a Wellingtonian looking for a "flat white" is that at a Blue Bottle outlet you should order a "cappuccino" believe it or not. At most the places listed below they are not frothy with cinnamon/chocolate on top - they're silky milk & only slightly longer than a flat white. I'm pretty sure all these places do them with double shots too.FYI at other places you can order a "Double Short Latte" and get an approximation of a flat white too - even (should the need arise) at S#$%bucks.If you know of a good coffee spot we should try out, please let us know!


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