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The Dental Implant Place

The Dental Implant Place

Created by thedentali9 on 13/02/2015
Updated on 13/02/2015
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The Dental Implant Place

500 8th Avenue, Suite 110
Fort Worth, TX 76104, United States

Timing:Mon-Thu 8am-4pm

In recent years, medical technology has created new
types of dental implants, which are restoring smiles and confidence for patients
all across the country. Pioneered by Ft. Worth’s leading oral surgeon Dr.
Steve Brown of The Dental Implant Place,these dental implants recreate the
anatomy of a tooth, giving back the natural look and feel traditional dentures
can’t replicate. Over the course of his career, Dr. Brown has placed
thousands of tooth implants for patients across America, and has become a
widely respected teacher instructing other dentists on performing the surgery.The Dental Implant Place will perform every aspect
of this procedure themselves to give you the best possible outcome with the
least possibility for error. Each step is conducted under the oversight of Dr.
Brown and his staff, from CT Scans and extractions to follow-up. They even offer
financing so everything can be handled under one roof.This innovative approach
not only simplifies your billing, but also minimizes the appointments you’ll
need. The staff has decades of experience, so they understand
the anxiety and nervousness of patients about to undergo a dental procedure and
work hard to put them at ease.Whether you have teeth that need to be pulled or
are just tired of dentures, The
Dental Implant Place will give you a brand-new smile you’ll be proud to show
off. Visit theirwebsite today to learn more about this innovative dental
technology, and find your smile again.


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