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Dick's Fumigation Services, Inc.

Dick's Fumigation Services, Inc.

Created by Fumigation7458 on 19/02/2015
Updated on 19/02/2015
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Dick's Fumigation Services, Inc.
850 Kolu Street Unit B-4
Wailuku, HI 96793
(808) 244-7496



Just the thought of having to deal with termites, ants or rodents is enough to drive a homeowner insane. Unfortunately, as hard as you may try, these pesky critters could become a reality. But that's no reason to panic!Dick’s Fumigation Services, Inc. understands the psychological toll that the thought of bed bugs
and other pests have on you, and will help take care of these uninvited guests.Dick’s Fumigation Services offers a spectrum of
cost-effective services designed to efficiently and completely eradicate homes
and businesses of pest infestations and rodent problems. The staff at Dick’s
Fumigation Services is rigorously vetted and highly trained so that customers
know their concerns, such as the well-being of their pets and children, are successfully
addressed. From tent fumigation techniques to modern rodent control strategies,
Dick’s Fumigation Services offers the safest and most formidable pest control
services in the Wailuku area. Dick’s Fumigation Services, which has been in
business for more than 65 years, has an intimate understanding of the local
landscape and the insects and pests that plague the region’s homes and
businesses. This knowledge is key to implementing the most informed and
effective means of addressing each particular pest control situation. Being an
environmentally conscious company, Dick’s Fumigation Services uses natural pest
repellents to keep unwanted intruders from the surrounding landscape at bay. In addition to being emotionally stressful, termites
and mice are formidable liabilities that can inflict costly damages on homes
and businesses. Call Dick’s Fumigation Services, Inc. any time at (808) 244-7496 for
a routine check-up on the health of your home or business, or to take care of
your pest infestation needs. The dedicated staff is timely, efficient, and
ready to hear from you!


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