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The Donner Party of Death

The Donner Party of Death

Created by Eric on 19/11/2010
Updated on 15/06/2012
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By www.supportblogging.com
The Donner Party was no party at all. It was a long and hard trek. Many people were moving to California to find a better life in 1846. To get to California they had to cross many mountains, tread through many feet of snow and go through many hardships. 87 immigrant's and farmers started on the long journey to California from Independence, Missouri. Many joined along the way but few made it to California. Many froze to death from hypothermia. Some ran out of food and were turned to canabalism and ate their clothes, fellow traveler's,family, dogs and animals for their own life's sake. Many saw it as a last resort so they would not die! Some rescue parties brought food to those who were stilll alive. They stoped at many places along the way such as. Fort laramie,which was there fith stop along the way, is where they celebrated July 4. What started out as just an ordinary trek to cross states to get to California turned into a long and hard trip that has gone down into history as The Donner Party.


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