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Dr. Louis Valentine

Dr. Louis Valentine

Created by DrLouisValentine on 13/04/2015
Updated on 13/04/2015
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Dr. Louis Valentine

4600 Smith Rd.
Norwood, OH 45212, United States

Timing: Thu: 12:00 pm-7:00 pm /Sat: 8:00 am-4:00 pm

For more than 20 years, Louis Valentine, D.C. of TriHealth Orthopedic & Spine Institutehas been practicing advanced chiropractic care on
patients and sharing the benefits of his chiropractic research with fellow
doctors. Located in Cincinnati, Dr. Valentine’s office welcomes new patients,
provides ongoing care for repeat clients, and offers a wide range of chiropractic services.
With the motto “Valentine’s got your back,” you know you’re in good hands with
Dr. Valentine.Patients can receive chiropractic readjustment services,
spinal decompression therapy, and other therapeutic techniques designed to relieve
pressure, alleviate pain, and increase mobility. Dr. Valentine has seen
patients with chronic neck and back pain, headaches, fibromyalgia, and carpal
tunnel syndrome improve significantly with chiropractic therapy. Whether you
need a simple back adjustment or ongoing treatment to tackle a chronic
condition, Dr. Valentine’s chiropractic office is here to help.Dr. Valentine also conducts, compiles, and presents his own
comprehensive research into chiropractic care. He possesses a deep, scientific
understanding of how the body works and the numerous ways a chiropractor can
help the body not just feel better but work better. His research looks into the
mechanisms of how certain chronic diseases, like fibromyalgia and carpal
tunnel, can be transformed by routine chiropractic therapy.Louis Valentine, D.C. ofTriHealth Orthopedic & Spine Instituteis available to work with both patients and doctors. Call his
chiropractic office today at (513) 247-2222to schedule your appointment and start to
benefit from the doctor’s decades of experience and research. He also maintains
a blog in which he discusses
chiropractic care, as well as certain conditions and how they can start to heal
with chiropractic intervention.


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