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Dr. Mitchell J Henry

Dr. Mitchell J Henry

Created by lincolnplas8 on 09/02/2015
Updated on 09/02/2015
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Dr. Mitchell J Henry

2222 South 16th St. Suite 300
Lincoln, NE 68502, United States

Timing: Mon to Fri 8am-5pm

the Lincoln, Nebraska area, Dr.
Mitchell J Henry, MD: Cosmetic & Plastic Surgeryis a practice that specializes in a wide
range of plastic surgery procedures; everything from reconstructive breast
surgery to breast augmentations, from liposuction to tummy tuck. Knowing that
making the decision to improve one’s appearance is significant and can
sometimes be difficult, Dr. Henry aims to make sure that patients are received
in a nurturing environment, that all health considerations are laid out and
weighed properly, and that those seeking it receive the best possible work. He
is outcome oriented, judging success by the extent to which his patients are
happy with results; nothing gives him more satisfaction than seeing the renewed
confidence and shine of a satisfied client.Those
that seek service at Dr. Mitchell J Henry, MD: Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery
know that they are in safe and capable hands; Dr. Henry is not only certified
by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, but has over 15 years of experience
as a plastic and reconstructive surgeon both in private practice and as part of
the team at several hospitals. Despite this high level of professionalism and
achievement, another aim of this practice is to keep plastic surgery prices
down. Because money should not be a barrier to achieving that feeling of
confidence as a result of improved appearance, there are a number of financing
options available.If
you’re looking for the best in plastic surgery procedures, consider Dr. Mitchell J Henry, MD: Cosmetic &
Plastic Surgery. To check out plastic surgery statistics and photos, see
plastic surgery before and afters, and find out more about this unique
practice, visit them online. To schedule
appointment or ask any further questions call (402) 435-0044.


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