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Eastern Europe Tour

Eastern Europe Tour

Created by JohnnyFive on 09/04/2013
Updated on 09/04/2013
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About this map: 

This started as something for a class I am teaching and became something else entirely. The route for this tour is mapped on the first page, as well as placemarks for sites in all locations to Budapest. Budapest picks up on page two until the end. Every marker has links and pictures with a (very) brief description. Zoom into the location for street view and pictures others have taken in the area of the marker.Most of the destinations are in a specific urban area, though rural destinations are shown too. Romania is primarily rural, so most of it would necessitate motorcycle rental. This is by no means everything to see in an itinerary like this. I never met a cemetery I didn't love and had to hold back from posting every one. Renaissance, ancient castles, Habsburgs, Mongol Hordes,Ottomans, Nazis and Soviets play feature roles in this tour, as well as modern Eastern European art and music.


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