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Elena Klimenko, MD

Elena Klimenko, MD

Created by drelenak5 on 09/02/2015
Updated on 09/02/2015
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Elena Klimenko, MD

280 Madison Avenue Suite 905
New York, NY 10016, United States

Timing: Mon,Wed,Fri 10am-6pm/ Tue,Thu 12pm-6pm

Elena Klimenko, MD provides a personalized and balanced approach to medicine. Patients receive well-rounded treatment solutions designed from a fusion of conventional Western and alternative medical practices. This integration allows her professional staff to treat a vast array of ailments and medical conditions.Through acupuncture and homeopathy Elena Klimenko, head of the Healthy Wealthy and Wise Medical Center, addresses the source of each patient’s illness. Born in Russia, Dr. Klimenko is now an American board certified doctor licensed in internal medicine and medical acupuncture. Based on her training and experience, she founded Healthy Wealthy and Wise under the fundamental understanding that our bodies have the natural ability to heal.Through a combination of tools to encourage natural healing, each patient is treated as a whole, with staff and specialists taking time to discover underlying causes of an ailment, rather than merely prescribing pills to suppress symptoms. This all-encompassing approach to healing has been proven to be more effective and safe by incorporating psychological, social, spiritual, and biological factors at once.New patients seeking effective holistic treatment from Healthy Wealthy and Wise Medical Center should complete this questionnaire to schedule a visit with Elena Klimenko. No other homeopathic doctor incorporates such a diverse and vast array of specialties and treatment options as Elena Klimenko; don't hesitate and schedule your appointment today!


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