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Enchantment Loans

Enchantment Loans

Created by nmreversehomesolutions on 01/09/2014
Updated on 01/09/2014
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Enchantment Loans, is a recognized Leader in "Home Equity Conversion Mortgages" (HECMs) in the state of New Mexico

Norman Seck has been serving the communities of New Mexico for over twenty seven years. As a fully licensed New Mexico Mortgage Broker (NMLS #2145840),Norman can provide a vast array of programs to potential borrowers and their families. As President of Enchantment Loans, Norman is committed to provide a transparent lending experience to every client that reflects the professional integrity they deserve and the information they require. With degrees in finance and economics, Norman is well suited to provide each client with individual scenarios that will fit their needs and meet their financial objectives. Norman's language skills represent the diversity of New Mexico as he speaks fluent Spanish and German. He is an avid tennis player, loves to garden and can step into the kitchen and make pots and pans respond. Norman believes in the phrase: "Use Your Home To Stay At Home". Norman, with his numerous client referrals continues to treat every transaction with the patience and investment of time that it deserves. Norman has been providing kindness and respect to clients for many years and hopes that you will contact him with any questions you might have about your mortgage lending needs.


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