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Fairfield Family Dentistry

Fairfield Family Dentistry

Created by fairfieldf01 on 07/02/2015
Updated on 07/02/2015
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Fairfield Family Dentistry

1140 Hicks Blvd.
Fairfield, OH 45014, United States

Opening Hours:
Monday 1pm-8pm,Tue 8am 5pm,Wed 1pm-8pm,Thu 8am 5pm,Fri 7am-12pm

Feeling at home
at the local dentist office is effortless when your facility of choice is Fairfield Family Dentistry.
Walk in with a wide smile, just to leave with an even healthier one. A
compassionate staff and versatile dentists team will provide quality,
affordable care for every member of your family. A Cincinnati mainstay, this dental group has
been operating at the same location for 30 years. With each passing decade,
patients admire and appreciate Fairfield's caring attitude toward them and
their circumstances. From pint-size patients to denture candidates, each
individual is greeted with a smile, reassured with knowledge, and pleasantly
surprised with each staff member's tactfulness. Much like true extended family,
all patients are treated equally regardless of their financial circumstances.
Whether an individual needs a dental exam or he could use a set of veneers, he
can come to Fairfield Family Dentistry knowing that he will not be turned away
for lack of dental insurance. A diversified
skill set ensures quality dentistry. Fairfield's accomplished dentists are just
as familiar with performing root canals as they are with teeth whitening.
Multiple family members may share a dentist even if each requires a different
dental treatment. Fairfield Family
Dentistry is fully-equipped to deal with dental emergencies. Each emergency
dentist on-call can competently deal with traumas such as avulsed teeth,
regardless of the victimized individual's age and circumstance. Dental trauma
is a critical, time-sensitive issue and should be treated with as much
competency and effort as trauma affecting any other part of the individual.
Fairfield Family Dentistry treats dental emergencies swiftly and accurately,
even if the patient cannot pay. To schedule an
appointment for a dental exam or any other procedure, call Fairfield Family
Dental at (513) 829-8822. For a full list of services, visit the local dentistonline.


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