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FB Glass

FB Glass

Created by fbglass01 on 07/02/2015
Updated on 07/02/2015
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FB Glass

1184 Emerson St Suite 1
Rochester, NY 14606, United States

Opening Hours:
Monday-Fri 8am-5pm

Based in Rochester, New York,FB Glass specializes in
auto glass repair and replacement as well as a wide variety of custom and
commercial glass installation and maintenance services to all of Monroe County.
The mechanics and technicians at this repair center take care of every part of
the process: sourcing and shaping the proper materials, installing them, providing
repairs and detail work, and also helping customers with any applicable
insurance claims or financing options. It’s highly specialized work, but not only are the folks
at FB Glass fully licensed and represent years of experience in the field, they
are extremely detail oriented and customer focused. While their facilities are
able to take on larger jobs that involve working on heavier industrial
equipment or fleets of vehicles, regardless of size or extent, every project is
handled with precision and professionalism. First and foremost, this is a local, family run business,
and a concomitant no-nonsense, straightforward philosophy permeates the way
this company does business. Whether your windshield needs a quick chip repair
or you need custom glass installation for your bulldozer, FB Glass will make
sure you pull away satisfied with the job done. It’s no wonder that so many
other companies and contractors, as well as every day automobile owners, have
come to rely on the services of this unique company.If you need any sort of windshield or custom glass work,
stop by FB Glass and talk to the folks there. Learn more about the services
these mechanics and specialists provide by visiting themonline, or calling (585) 441-1209.


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