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FB Wright Of Cincinnati

FB Wright Of Cincinnati

Created by hoseandgas on 09/02/2015
Updated on 09/02/2015
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FB Wright Of Cincinnati

4689 Ashley Dr
West Chester, OH 45011, United States

Timing:Mon To Fri 8:00am To 5:00pm

FB Wright of Cincinnati is a hose and gaskets company
serving the Cincinnati area’s industrial needs. As a fabricator, they create products for machines using plastics, rubber, high-temperature
insulation, metal, and other products. Solving mechanical issues and machinery
problems is their specialty. They also have plenty of experience with hoses, like
creating an expansion joint, expansion joint filler, or concrete expansion
joint depending on the needs of the customer.Because of this expertise in
hoses, they also help diagnose problems and perform other maintenance. In
addition to mechanical and technical problem-solving, FB Wright of Cincinnati
also hosts seminars and training in areas such as inventory management,
storeroom consolidation, and customer location.As a full-service company, FB Wright provides products and service whenever you need it. Their experts are available 24 hours
a day to help solve problems, in case an emergency occurs. FB Wright wants your
business to run smoothly. That’s why they are a machine shop that handles a
wide range of issues.For service and products you can trust, plus metal
fabrication and plastics tailored for you, trust the local company who truly
cares about its customers. When you need service, parts, or machinery, call FB Wright of Cincinnati at (888) 277-2721 or (800) 582-0011.


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