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Fick Chiropractic Centers

Fick Chiropractic Centers

Created by fickchirop02 on 09/02/2015
Updated on 09/02/2015
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Fick Chiropractic Centers

415 Glensprings Dr Ste. 305
Springdale, OH 45246, United States

Timing:Mon To Fri 9:00am To 6:00pm

A misaligned spinal column can result in a
variety of painful medical issues, including pain, muscle tension, sciatica -- and all of these issues cause emotional distress. More serious conditions such as nerve damage,
inflammation, and herniated discs may arise if spinal compression is not
corrected. Cincinnati’s Fick
Chiropractic Centers provides a full range of chiropractic services, from
neck pain relief to spinal decompression. The methods they employ will bring
you a heightened sense of emotional well-being, as well as increased physical
health and relief from pain.At your initial consultation, a trained team of
doctors will thoroughly examine your spine and nervous system to detect any
misalignments or compressions which may be causing physical distress or chronic
pain. They may take x-rays to detect spinal issues that may require adjustment.
Based on the examination, the team will determine a course of action tailored to
your particular health needs. Through every step, the doctors will ensure that
you are offered clear and understandable information regarding the nature of
your problem and the process they will administer to correct it.The chiropractic doctors at the clinic are also
Certified Ohio Worker’s Compensation Providers, ready to employ state-of-the
art techniques and technology to relieve your chronic medical issues. To find
out how you might benefit from chiropractic care, call Fick Chiropractic
Centers today at (513) 851-8686.


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