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Find Unfiltered Hells

Find Unfiltered Hells

Created by TweetMap on 14/11/2012
Updated on 14/11/2012
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From: http://www.camdentownbrewery.com/find-unfiltered-hells/ Last week, 160 kegs of Unfiltered Hells Lager left the brewery. That’s a whole, huge, glorious tank of lager, all unfiltered.Normally, Hells Lager is passed through a filter on the way to being packaged. That filter catches any residual yeast that’s left and leaves a bright beer. The Unfiltered version still has a little yeast left in the beer, meaning it’s got a slight haze and a rounder, smoother flavour compared to the cleaner, drier filtered version. We love both of them.Unfiltered Hells is something we’ve always sold from the Brewery Bar and now we’re letting it leave to go to other pubs. A bunch of great pubs have taken it for a limited run period and it’s pouring in them now – it’ll only be there for a week or two, so get them while you can. If you have a pub or drink in one that wants Unfiltered Hells then we can make it happen on special request…


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