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Gary Pikovsky - Resume - CV

Gary Pikovsky - Resume - CV

Created by JohnnyFive on 10/09/2014
Updated on 10/09/2014
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Creative director, designer, photographerA Google Maps resume? Is such a thing possible? Just ask Ed Hamilton, the founder of the idea. It's still a list of places, universities, achievements, and insights about you as a professional. However, we all live in a physical world and not on a piece of paper. As a designer, I find it most rewarding when we can create an experience out of something ordinary. Something that can bring a smile to the mind. Something that is not what you expect it to be. Something simple, yet with multiple layers of information. Something that you can grasp and get an actual idea about. Can Google Maps do all this to a resume? I don't know. But check it out. I hope you like it. If you do, email me at gary@pikovsky.orgAlso, take a look at my portfolio at www.pikovsky.orgLooking for a "normal," print resume? Click the mail icon – it's by Boston, where I currently live.


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