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Goon's Guide to Chicago

Goon's Guide to Chicago

Created by JohnnyFive on 23/04/2014
Updated on 23/04/2014
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/Tip: 'more, Zoom here' is helpful for de-cluttering.Use 'Undo' if you drag something by accident.This is a collaborative map created by SomethingAwful users so we have something to point to when people come to the thread and ask what there is to do/where they should live in Chicago.This link should be shared concurrently with ridiculing the asker, as is The Chicagoon Way.Note to new readers: there are multiple pages, so take a look at page two as well.Editing tips: Please expand neighborhood descriptions if you know the place well.To add your description to a place's 'card' i.e. the Google-supplied info with the Street View picture, address, etc., go into edit mode and search for the place first, then use "Save to" and toss it into the Goon map. Then you edit the icon from within the Goon map and the Google info will be on the bottom of the card.You can click on and drag an icon up and down this column to place it under the proper neighborhood heading.


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