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Grail Seekers: Knights Templar Site Mapping Projec

Grail Seekers: Knights Templar Site Mapping Projec

Created by Eric on 27/10/2010
Updated on 15/06/2012
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About this map: 

The purpose of this map is to catalog known Templar holdings, structures, and other places of historical and crypto-historical interest. If you know of a place that's not listed yet, please let us know by visiting the Grail Seekers web site www.grailseekers.com. Keep in mind this is a working map and is subject to additions at any time, so check back frequently. Map Key: Blue Markers: Actual land holdings of the Templars. This could include castles, preceptories, manors, etc Green Markers: Places that are associated somehow with the Templars, but were not part of their holdings. Purple Markers: Deal with places that are part of the crypto-history of the Templars. Red Markers: Templar built Churches Yellow Markers: Locations of events relating to Templar History. Flag Markers: Locations of battles that Templars were involved in. The Green Arrow are places Templar Archeological excavations
By: Brian Kannard


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