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HappyRat HarassMap 2012

HappyRat HarassMap 2012

Created by TweetMap on 25/11/2012
Updated on 25/11/2012
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About this map: 

Places I've been sexually harassed in public.I started this late November and tried to fill in where I had documented previous incidents, but it's definitely not complete for the entire year.Whenever possible, I try to physically mark the sidewalk where I've been harassed so anyone walking by can see it. I don't think harassment should be one of those things that just evaporates after it happens, because it leaves a lasting effect on the person who experiences it. Why shouldn't it leave a mark on the actual place as well?And lastly, some of the gaps between incidents are in part because I have not left my apartment in order to avoid being harassed. Every time I leave my apartment I have to make the choice based on whether I feel strong enough to deal with the people who need to bother me. Sometimes it's just not worth it, sometimes I can't avoid leaving due to having to live life. I am not the only person who goes through this every day.


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