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Hayai Broadband Coverage Area (Copper)

Hayai Broadband Coverage Area (Copper)

Created by TweetMap on 14/07/2012
Updated on 14/07/2012
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About this map: 

THIS MAP IS APPROXIMATE ONLY and Hayai Broadband does not guarantee that the borders of each area are absolute and as such whether it will be able to provide access to all marked areas, nor that this coverage map is complete.Hayai does improve, change, add & remove information from this map from time to time to represent changes as new information becomes available.**We are expecting major changes between August-November 2012 which we hope will allow us to provide much better coverage**For cities/states where Hayai Broadband is planning services, please consult the planning map at http://g.co/maps/8nef5KEY:Green: Hayai Broadband should be able to provide access within this area (either immediately or in the near future).Yellow: It is uncertain whether Hayai Broadband can provide services in this area. Subscriptions will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.Red: It is unlikely that Hayai Broadband will be able to supply you if you live in this area.Blue: Planned


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