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High Speed Rail: SF to Denver

High Speed Rail: SF to Denver

Created by TweetMap on 23/02/2013
Updated on 23/02/2013
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Possible routes:A) Take the existing Scenic Route (along the I-80) B) Change in LA and then go through Las Vegas.C) Change in LA and skirt the Rockies via Tucson.Q: What would the total journey time be? A: About 16 hrs via the Scenic Route, 17 hrs via LA and Las Vegas, and just 11 hrs via LA and Tucson. Depart SF: 7amArrive Denver: 6pm, in time for dinnerIn Europe, mountain trains go at about 50mph (80kph, see the Geneva-Milan route, for example), while on the flat they reach 200mph (320kph, like between Madrid and Barcelona). Let's suppose we really could cross Nevada and the Central Valley at 200mph, and the Rockies and Sierra Nevada at 50mph (although this seems pessimistic, given that the freeways enable road travel faster than this). And add half an hour per route for stops.Currently, driving from San Francisco to Denver takes about 19 hours, while flying takes 6.5 hours (including an hour each end to negotiate airports and transfers). Amtrak takes 32 hours


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