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How to Get to Antarctica

How to Get to Antarctica

Created by JohnnyFive on 06/05/2014
Updated on 06/05/2014
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There are two main ways to get to Antarctica:You can travel by ship, setting sail from the southern tip of South America, before crossing the Drake Passage - a channel of water infamous for its rough seas, but which is also a great place for spotting wildlife.This route is shown in blue on the map.Alternatively, you can fly across the Drake Passage, then board a ship just North of the Antarctic Peninsula.This is a good option if you want to avoid seasickness or cut down your journey time.This route is shown in red on the map.Some Antarctic cruises offer the option to fly out to Antarctica and cruise back, for those wanting to experience the Drake crossing only once.In that case you'll follow the red route on the way out and the blue route on the return journey.Additionally, there are cruises which include the Falkland Islands and South Georgia.Typically these will set sail from Ushuaia, stopping off at these islands before heading down across the Drake Passage.


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