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Idle No More Map 2013/01/01

Idle No More Map 2013/01/01

Created by TweetMap on 02/01/2013
Updated on 02/01/2013
Public map
Cycle map
Midnight Commander
Red Alert
About this map: 

#IdleNoMore Events are place marked by those creating the event - or by volunteers here at the map. Please place your own if you can. If not, leave your event title and URL in a Tweet which includes the hashtag "#IdleNoMoreMAP" (see place mark #IdleNoMoreMAP - below).Create a new place mark for your event by left-clicking on the Red "EDIT" button at the top of this sidebar. To create a place mark, left-click and release on the up-side-down teardrop icon at the top-left of the map area. Once you click and release, the icon will move with your cursor. To drop the place marker where you want it, left-click and release again . When you place the place mark a pop-up window will appear. Please copy and paste your Facebook Event page Title, and add your Event page Address to your place mark, pop-up box. (or wherever your event is published) Lastly click OK and then at the top of this sidebar there are 2 buttons - click "Save" and then "Done" And your Done! :)


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