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INTERVOICE Networks and Groups

INTERVOICE Networks and Groups

Created by TweetMap on 23/02/2013
Updated on 23/02/2013
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Over 220 National, Regional and Local Hearing Voices Networks and Groups are listed, indicated on the map by different coloured pins (see key below) and are also listed below, where you can find addresses and contact details. The map is on two pages, if you can't find your group on the map on page one go to page two (go to bottom of list), for instance groups in the USA and Italy can be found on page 2.. You can zoom in an out of the map to see all the groups in the world or a group in a city or town.To add your group or network contact Paul Baker at paul.baker@radishonline.netIf you want to find a group you can search the list on the left hand side of the map (below). Click on the red button next to the country name to find groups in a specific country, the blue pin to find the location of a specific group.


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