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Jane Austen: The Places in her Novels

Jane Austen: The Places in her Novels

Created by TweetMap on 13/11/2012
Updated on 13/11/2012
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This map is part of a larger Google Earth layer created by me, on Jane Austen's Life & Works. It includes virtually all of the real places in England which appear in her 6 completed novels as well as the unfinished Sanditon. For the best effect, switch to the 'Satellite' View, without labels. You will need to zoom in at the markers to see the locations in detail.If you do have Google Earth installed, I highly recommend that you download the complete layer, which includes images and additional sections, from its Google Earth Community page: http://tinyurl.com/ja-in-geAnd a request: I added this layer to Google Maps in order to inform and entertain Miss Austen's fans. If you are a Jane enthusiast and want to save this map, I ask that you do so only for your own purposes. Please respect my efforts by *not* incorporating my placemarks into a *public* map of your own, without my permission. Thanks!


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